What will your impact be on customers this week?

Ronnie Gillman, owner of our Customer Experience & Retention specialist Gillman DriveTrain, takes a closer look at how to get customer communications right.

In this last month I’ve experienced a broad spectrum of business communications from the perspective of customer, and the impact on me has been from one end of the spectrum to the other!

Long detailed processes, videos to watch, recorded messages, unfriendly emails, automated messages – all left me feeling “disconnected” from companies I spend my money with. It’s tough for every business right now, but I know to survive we need to own our impact on others.

I keep asking myself it it’s possible to get this right in every communication (how am I doing…?!) and I have to believe the answer is yes. Last week this belief was endorsed with a fabulous email from a local pub/restaurant group who were having a tough time in business and needed to keep their customers informed. This is how they made me smile;

  • Conveyed difficult information using positive language
  • Demonstrated the care they have for their team and customers
  • Used simple language to explain the process
  • Showed vulnerability…and strength

How do we get it right?

Clearly, it’s not easy. One communication will have a range of impacts on different customers, but there are a few simple guidelines we can follow to set us off in the right direction;

What do you want the outcome to be when the customer reads/receives/listens to your communication? It might be information only, you might want them to make a booking, you might be guiding them round your business in a different way the next time they visit.

The outcome guides the overall communication.

Keep it short, simple and easy for the customer to understand. Any jargon they don’t understand is likely to switch them off.

It might be to make the customer feel valued for their business, or to help them feel relaxed the next time they visit. Does this intention come through loud and clear when you read it back? If you’re not feeling it, the customer won’t either.

Talking of intention, when we get that right we rarely go wrong! Good luck with your customer communications. If you need some support, do get in touch.

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