Paperless solutions transform automotive retail efficiency

As dealers plan for a post-pandemic recovery, digital document software is helping many to embrace more efficient – and profitable – processes.

When the government eased lockdown restrictions, dealers worked tirelessly to ensure they were ready to start selling cars safely.

While adapting the physical environment was a critical first step, the next transition phase will require that dealers are agile, flexible and innovative in different ways – with a focus on efficiency.

Encouraging figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showed that new car registrations in July 2020 were up 11.3% on July 2019. While it’s fantastic to see this growth, it’s also a real challenge for those dealers trying to respond effectively to a surge in activity while operating with reduced headcount.

With only so many hours in a day there’s a need to work smart – finding ways to be more productive with time, especially when it comes to revenue-generating activity.

Digital document solutions can help in a number of ways:

Efficient post-sale processes

A typical paper deal file consists of up to 70 documents. So, a digital deal file solution like iDealFile – that provides a single online platform to manage all of these items – transforms efficiency for the sales team.

There’s less time spent looking for missing paperwork or old files, management can easily review or sign off items and everything is secure in one place so customer enquiries can be resolved at the touch of a button.

Our experience shows that when you combine all potential efficiencies, sales teams save at least 3.5 hours per deal file. When time is precious that’s a huge saving.

Speeding up Service & MOT provision

Reflecting the paperless approach in the aftersales department with a digital document solution like iServiceFile can amplify these time savings.

Whether its service advisors providing instant feedback on the status of a repair, technicians reviewing digital job cards and completing online write-ups or senior management enjoying improved compliance and warranty procedures – it all happens so much quicker.

Online Document Sharing & Authorisation

By conducting all sharing and signing of documents online, dealers minimise physical interaction with customers and can offer them the flexibility to receive, sign and return paperwork from anywhere – be it a secure area of the showroom, their vehicles or their own homes.

We’ve seen first-hand that by including features like iShare with our digital document solutions we help dealers minimise delays, accelerate approvals and deliver a better customer experience.

The Power of Paperless

In the face of unprecedented commercial challenges, it goes without saying that every penny counts.

Manufacturers, dealer groups and individual retailers are working hard to get back up to speed as quickly as possible. It’s a time for innovative thinking, agile working processes and unrelenting efficiency across the motor retail industry.

At MotorDocs we’re ready to help you embrace digital document solutions so you can take huge strides towards becoming a truly digital dealership and start ticking all of those efficiency boxes.

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