Hit the accelerator with Hub365 in 2021

Supplier collaboration presents automotive businesses with a chance to streamline processes, reduce costs and react fast in 2021.

A pioneering move by leading automotive suppliers is opening up new ways to find and engage automotive industry experts in key business areas.

Having united via Hub365, their collaborative approach can bring improvements in operational efficiency, accelerates speed of change and delivers in-built contingency to quickly react to changing industry conditions.

Responding at pace

2020 presented social and commercial challenges like never before and businesses have been under considerable pressure to think and react quickly. Nowhere more so that the automotive sector which has unquestionably risen to the challenge and continues to find innovative ways to keep moving forward.

This agility doesn’t come easily though.

To be truly effective, numerous areas of an automotive business need to gel together seamlessly to achieve a common goal. From HR and IT to new & used sales, recruitment, logistics, compliance and people development – if one link fails then change can be slow or not achieved at all.

For this reason, being able to quickly call upon the best automotive minds is a priceless business benefit. Especially if those minds are already working under a spirit of collaboration.

Get the right people in the right seats and watch the improvements follow.

Rapid and reassuring search

Thanks to Hub365, if you’re concerned you don’t have all the experts you need then you can very quickly find the best in the business under one roof.

We have unified a powerful collection of leading suppliers – each one handpicked for their quality, reputation, results and automotive experience. There’s only one member responsible for each business area so it’s a quick and simple decision to make.

Flexible solutions

While a spirit of collaboration unites us, all of our members are available to support you on an individual basis – with no long-term commitments.

So, if you are a smaller team looking for additional top-up support, we have the people you are looking for. Should your needs be more complex, then we’ll coordinate a collective response from across our membership to deliver an integrated set of services.

Whichever approach you require, it’s guaranteed to be quick, cost-effective and successful.

No more time wasted on exhausting pitch or procurement processes. No more time worrying about whether you’ve made the right decision.

And if the unexpected arises you can be guaranteed to have the backing of the best minds in the sector to find a solution.

It’s like a little black book of automotive problem solvers. Ready at your disposal.

Automotive united in 2021

Now that we are starting to see the initial stages of a nationwide rollout of an approved coronavirus vaccine, there’s a growing sense of hope that consumer confidence will start to increase.

As a result, it’s important to understand how your automotive business is positioned to capitalise on any new opportunities.

Are you happy with your current suppliers?

Can you call on all of the expert support you need?

If you have any concerns at all then we know a growing number of automotive collaborators who can certainly help.

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