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Marginal Gains

What We Do

Marginal Gains is a business services company that focuses on helping businesses become more efficient and more effective.

We help Great British Businesses save money on expenditure and services (like energy, merchant services, internet, telephony and borrowing costs, etc) and help them become more effective by increasing their sales (marketing and distribution strategies, social media, branding etc).

We ensure business owners are correctly protected and are also starting to receive enquiries regarding EV charging installation – with the ability to facilitate installations along with explanations of tax advantages etc.


What is Marginal Gains?

Marginal Gains was a concept identified by Dave Brailsford who is the mastermind behind the great success of British Cycling.

The ethos is ‘focus on the areas where incremental gains can be made’. We use the same concept to help develop great British businesses.

This has evolved into a Business Club affectionately known as the ‘Happy Gainers’ club. The Business Club monitors their gains and offers other benefits to help them grow.

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