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Smart Recruit Online

What We Do

We help businesses within the automotive sector to recruit more efficiently and effectively, delivering a better user and applicant experience throughout the recruitment lifecycle, whilst consistently filling jobs at the lowest possible cost.

A multi-award winning, web based, Talent Acquisition Service, we fill a higher % of jobs, from direct applications, than any other online recruitment service in the UK.

We can boast the best success metrics in the industry

During the last 3 years we have maintained an average cost of under £300 per hire, and an average time to offer of under 16 days – firmly establishing Smart Recruit Online as the benchmark, that the rest of the industry now aspires to.

We are experts in Talent Attraction

We maximise exposure of your job adverts across our network of more than 4500 media channels. Our professional copywriting service will help to optimise exposure, increase visibility and to convert more passive views of your jobs into actual applications.

Our advanced AI technology will automatically capture and grade every candidate as they apply.

We also make Recruitment easier

Our beautifully designed, intuitively styled recruitment management system is fully integrated with the latest tools to help streamline your hiring processes.

Set up custom workflows for each role, collaborate with team members and schedule interviews, all within the system. Generate dynamic reports to ensure that you get the best out of all your campaigns and gain insights into where improvements can be made.

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