Time Zero

What We Do

Time Zero brings a real world understanding to targeted, time saving Automotive Recruitment.

Whilst working in a Dealership hiring staff we identified that the majority of recruiting consultants lacked understanding of our recruitment needs. They didn’t understand the role available, the environment we were working in or the time pressures we faced.

As a result we spent more and more time sifting through countless CVs and not getting a premium level of service or support. We were spending too much time finding our next super star rather than focusing on the team and income potentials every day.

This led to us creating Time Zero.

Our name reflects how we felt trying to hire staff whilst spinning every other plate in the business. We didn’t have enough time.


We approach all our vacancies with you, the client, in mind.

We know how important it is get the right person that has the skills and personality to fit into your team.

  • We reduce the time and effort our clients put into recruitment.
  • We offer a number of packages to reflect your needs and budget.
  • We offer flexible and tailored end to end support to ensure your satisfaction.
  • We use innovative techniques for screening, interviewing and assessing candidate’s skills.
  • We are discreet; we treat each conversation with the strictest confidentiality.

Our knowledge and flexible approach are at the heart of what we do.

We are proud of our automotive experience and are keen to help businesses of all sizes find the right person as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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