Group Logistics Portal

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Vehicle movements and vehicle logistics has been ignored for many years due to complexity. The Group Logistics Portal will allow you time and monetary savings.

Newly designed dealer friendly software makes it easy for your team to use.

Using DVLA and Post Code Look up it takes 45 seconds to make a booking to your suppliers and about 1 second for a booking to be confirmed.

If you have an employed person making bookings it will reduce their working day from 8 hours down to about 1.5 hours without a telephone call being made.

The portal handles all types of vehicle movements from Driven to Multi Car Transporters but also handles the most complex corporate deliveries with MoDel and handovers.

All of your providers agree to your pricing matrix and as long as the vehicle has been booked through the Group Logistics Portal you will avoid making any inaccurate month end accruals.

Using the Dealer, Divisional and Head Office reporting suite you will have the financial visibility required to view volume and expenditure.

The portal is NOT an auction and uses only your trusted suppliers, however you have the ability to scale and find more trusted suppliers if required.

The Group Logistics Portal is not a business disruptor. It enables and provides a business in its entirety the visibility to manage their internal and external expenditure, logistics suppliers and scale through one medium.

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