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Magna Systems Limited’s solutions don’t come out of a box ready to plug and play. We pride ourselves on identifying your challenges quickly and designing strategies to address them, always keeping top of mind your business’s need for minimal disruption.

We’ve been helping motor manufacturers, dealer management providers and retailer businesses for over 20 years, both here in this community and internationally. We know the landscape, we know your market, and we understand your industry.

Each of our consultants have an advanced degree of knowledge in their field, and at least ten years of experience within their specialised field. This marriage of theory and practice is critical to our strategic approach. Combined, our consultants have over 100 years of hands, on problem-solving expertise behind them. That’s a lot of problems, and even more solutions.

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Some of our services include:

Bespoke IT modernisation packages, to provide the correct support, software & hardware for you.

Automotive Digital Marketing as a Service
Whatever your brand, if you use Autoline Drive then our experts can help you use the in-built ‘Campaign Manager’ and ‘Call Manager’ programs to run powerful integrated marketing campaigns. We use your DMS data and can offer bespoke HTML templates to strengthen brand alignment. We also offer data and MOT cleanses to ensure all customer data with the DMS is accurate prior to any campaigns going live.

AutoBI: BMW dealerships can have bespoke BI dashboards made for them, giving them access to live data across their aftersales department. This ranges from individual technician productivity, to comparing your current position against targets. All data is refreshed every 15 minutes to ensure its accurate and relevant.

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