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Forward thinking dealers up and down the country are focusing heavily on their social media and video skills, in a bid to stand out online and stay connected with their customers across different departments.

Studies have shown that teams using technology in this way will sell more cars and more labour hours and parts than those that don’t. However, many people either don’t feel confident enough to step in-front of a camera, or they simply don’t know where to start.

That is where the Digital Masterclass comes in.

Covering everything from becoming confident on camera to using LinkedIn for business, we will take your team through everything they need to know to give them the confidence to make and handle powerful digital content.

Dealership customers now expect it, and those retailer teams that do it in the most professional, friendly, and bespoke way, will end up being the most successful.

Let us help you and your teams gain a competitive advantage.

Digital Assessments

Assessment Centres are regarded as the best way to recruit if you are looking for longevity and staff retention. They give you a better look at a candidate than any other method, and certainly a lot more than a short interview. They also stop the wrong people getting into your business.

We have taken our physical Assessment Centre and digitised it for the modern world. This means we can deliver all or most of our methods in a dynamic, contactless and safe way, using a combination of the latest technology and our well-known personal touch to create the best shortlist for you.

We can guarantee these will be the very best from the people that initially applied for the post.

Assessment Centres remain the most cost-effective method of recruitment when you are advertising for multiple positions.

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