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Gillman DriveTrain

What We Do

Gillman DriveTrain has been offering bespoke learning solutions since 2007, with a backdrop of experience in dealership, group and manufacturer roles since 1992. Working alongside a wide range of businesses, from independent to manufacturer, the focus is the same – driving business performance.

It all starts with engagement. I’m coming on your journey, so when I work with you, I am a member of your team. I work in partnership with individuals and management teams, facilitating ideas to understand business challenges so we can create clear outcomes that will deliver the change in performance you need. Measuring that performance is crucial too, so we can demonstrate return on investment.

It helps that I’m an external resource!

Yes, it’s a flexible way of bringing resource into your business when you need it (which is cost effective too) but I’m there to hold your business agenda, with your interests at heart. Customers say they like the fresh perspective external resource brings as it gives them awareness and feedback free from political agenda. It’s neutral, and always in service of you, your team and your vision.

The main focus of this bespoke service is the customer. I believe that when your team are engaged, and have the right knowledge and skills for their job role, they can carry out their role to the best of their ability. This drives the customer experience and their satisfaction, which results in business performance.

The work we do together forms a blended approach, using coaching, mentoring and training to deliver knowledge and develop skills. We can work face-to-face and virtually – it’s a combination of both that normally works best. The most important part of the mentoring work we do is to work “live”. Which means to work on topics as they are happening in your business, together. No long lists or action plans!

What does your business need?

  • More appointments from retention calls
  • A fresh approach to prospecting
  • A well-managed database to improve the customer experience
  • An effective CRM strategy
  • Customer satisfaction scores above national average

If you have a business need that is related to retaining customers, developing new customer relationships or improving the customer experience, then get in touch to find out how we might work together.

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