What We Do

We are the originators of the automotive video industry and we’re specialists in it, having been established as video experts since 2008.

We provide app-based video solutions to the car industry to create a more transparent and easy car buying, and owning, experience.

As innovator and market leader, CitNOW supplies video and digital communication tools to more than 6,500 automotive retailers representing 43 vehicle manufacturers.

Our app-based platform helps dealers build stronger, more transparent and productive customer relationships through a secure, brand compliant communication platform.

Our contactless communication tools improve processes in both sales and aftersales, helping to increase customer loyalty, CSI, stock turnover and revenue.

Our products and services


CitNOW Sales: Highly personalised pre-recorded and live video to provide a contactless method for a customer to view a car before they set foot in the showroom – taking the showroom to the customer.

CitNOW Workshop: Personalised explanation of work required and condition assessment

CitNOW Web: Video, image and 360 in one tool to get your cars listed online in a matter of minutes

CitNOW Bodyshop: Use video to provide an unequivocal condition assessment of a vehicle in for service and show any additional upsell work.

CitNOW Academy: Remote and onsite learning and development to ensure you have all the tools you need to maximise the potential of CitNOW

News & Advice

How should retailers now build on years of sales expertise to create new experiences that excite and delight customers?
Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW shares his experiences, insights and thoughts on UK automotive right now.
CitNOW is introducing a range of product enhancements that will enable retailers to expand the contactless customer experience.

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