Business Consultancy

Dory Ltd

What We Do

Dory Ltd provides a proactive consultancy service that makes a difference and effects change focusing in the Automotive Sector.

An experienced and adaptable resource that will deliver results when and where required.

Dory Ltd can assist you with all aspects of your business. Our consultants have a proven track record from board level, Head of business & senior management covering all departments.

Proven Expertise

Working in all sectors of Automotive both supply and retail. Experience in working for family businesses, large and regional PLC corporations. Over 20 years’ experience in prestige, volume and specialist brands.

Perfect Fit

Our team of industry leading consultants help Dory Ltd work with clients to understand their goals, their team dynamics and current resources. This preparation will then enable us to work with you to ensure your end goal is achieved.


Dory Ltd has a track record of effecting change with both speed and efficiency through a well organised and structured approach.


Dory Ltd work with existing teams to assist, direct and where necessary introduce change.

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