About Us

A better way to find
suppliers you can trust

We understand the unique challenges facing automotive businesses right now. We have faced (and overcome) many of these challenges ourselves so have a true grasp of what it takes to achieve success – for organisations of all sizes.

While these successes are to be celebrated, many have come at a real cost – both from a time and financial perspective. Traditionally, it’s never been easy to cut through the noise and quickly find the solutions you need to grow or respond to changing conditions.

We believe there is a better way to connect automotive businesses and suppliers. Say hello to Hub365.

A trusted online resource of motor industry experts
ready to tackle any brief, any time.

Leading the way

Our members are responsible for a series of significant industry firsts – and Hub365 marks another. We are leading from the front with a new approach to outsourcing.

In challenging times, we’ve recognised the importance of working together. It’s fundamental to building the stronger businesses that will underpin a successful automotive industry.

We’re confident that Hub365 will be the trusted platform for all of your business needs.

What our Members Say

"We pride ourselves on our partnership approach to business - be that with our customers or industry partners. Hub365 is designed to help manufacturers, groups and retailers develop their business which complements our ethos. We are delighted to be part of this initiative and work alongside so many other trusted, dedicated businesses."
Alistair Horsburgh
“When we were invited to join Hub365 we jumped at the opportunity. As industry pioneers ourselves we can see the value in thinking differently and the business benefits that can come from a new approach. We value the relationships we have built as we’ve grown and look forward to making many more new connections.”
Andy Mee
Joint Managing Director | MotorDocs
“I’ve valued the support I’ve received at every stage of my career and have seen the amazing things that can happen when likeminded people combine their resources, skills and minds. That’s been the driving force behind Hub365 and I can’t wait to see the collective difference we can make in the weeks and months to come.”
Sabina Hegarty
Managing Director | Calibre Group Solutions
"Hub365 offers a complete suite of products and services to help all automotive businesses grow. From small independents through to large dealer groups and manufacturers. As founding members we become bigger than the sum of our parts and can support one another to grow and bring more solutions to more clients. When you need an answer Hub365 is the place to come and get it."
Ivan Bell
Managing Director | TimeZero

From Concept to Completion

10 years ago, I came up with an idea of creating a central space of like-minded people and businesses, offering complementary services to the automotive industry.

A place where the automotive sector could come knowing they were working with trusted people across a range of services without compromising on quality and without wasting time searching the market for suppliers or the latest and most innovative ideas.

A way that member companies could be in prime position to complete projects on a large or small scale, using our combined skills and individual expertise. A decade ago and since, however, I didn’t have enough time or space to take on such a project.

But lockdown changed all that!

During this challenging period, when the Interim Solutions half of my business was completely closed, for the first time I had some solid days to bring this idea to life.

The first thing I had to do was identify the people and organisations that I respected and knew would bring something exciting, energetic and professional to the table. Trusted people with great innovative products and services, that I had either worked with, supported me along my industry career or those referred to me by trusted partners.

That done, I started making the calls to the owners of each of these highly regarded companies. All of our founding Hub365 members said ‘yes’ as soon as I explained the concept, without hesitation. That’s when I knew we had the right people and so Hub365 was born.

We now look forward to changing the way retailers, manufacturers, independents and other automotive businesses access key services. Whether you need a Head of Business for a day or the latest video technology offering, Hub365 is the place to find them.

Sabina Hegarty – Founder