5 minutes with…Leon Bosch – Client Partner – Head of Automotive – Partners&

Leon Bosch – Head of Automotive at Partners& – talks to us about opportunities with technology, managing and covering risk plus a previous career on the football pitch!

What were your first experiences of the automotive industry?

As a small boy my grandfather owned a Service Station in Zimbabwe (if I recall correctly), and I remember being in my overalls ‘helping’ him maintain the cars. I was probably more of a nuisance than a help though!

How has it changed since then?

It’s changed massively – we are talking 35+ years ago after all! The cars alone have changed in appearance, design, and performance, etc. They are more like computers on wheels these days, powered by fuels other than just petrol/diesel. Then the internet/technology has changed the way we view, purchase, run & maintain vehicles nowadays.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing automotive retailers right now?

Covid-19, Brexit, emerging technology (i.e. electric, hydrogen fuel cell, etc) and changing customer buying behaviours (i.e. the shift from traditional ownership to subscription models) are all major challenges for automotive retailers right now.

What do you think are the biggest opportunities for automotive retailers right now?

The emerging technology and changing customer buying behaviours – whilst these can be considered a challenge, thinking about ways in which to adapt to these emerging trends presents an opportunity too.

Whether it’s investing in the infrastructure to continue ‘distance selling’ beyond the pandemic, as more customers are configuring & purchasing their vehicles online or educating customers more about the emerging technology so that they don’t fear alternative powered vehicles.

Creating their own vehicle subscription services is also another opportunity that will help them serve the ‘sharing economy’ better, where customers aren’t looking to own vehicles outright anymore – that way automotive retailers can serve both sets of customers.

How do you help automotive retailers?

Being a risk advisory business, Partners& as a whole assist businesses in managing and covering their risk – whether it be business risk, people risk, cyber risk, etc. The Partners& automotive team do the same, but for the automotive industry – so our team only work solely with businesses within the motor trade space, supporting them with all their risk requirements.

Our partnership approach means we get to know our clients first, understand what keeps them up at night and then tailor a risk management and insurance program around their specific needs giving them peace of mind in the knowledge that they are adequately protected.

In addition to this, we partner with some of the leading automotive trade associations and affinity partners to ensure we keep our fingers on the pulse with what challenges may be coming around the corner for our clients, so that we can better manage their risks for them.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Meeting new people, learning about them and their business, and tailoring a solution for their specific risk requirements! I also enjoy learning about the innovation that is going on within the Automotive Industry. As it is such a diverse sector, and we support businesses from across the sector, it’s amazing to hear about all the innovations going on from manufacturing, to sales, to maintenance and repairs.

What excited you most about the chance to join Hub365?

To be able to join a dynamic team of like-minded professionals sharing the same passion and support for the automotive industry, within their respective areas of expertise.

What’s the most interesting fact about you?

Mmm…perhaps that I was a professional footballer in South Africa…many moons ago, prior to my career in insurance.

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